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The Bar Tools

You've cracked open your favorite cocktail book. You've found a recipe. You've bought the booze. Now what? 

Making cocktails at home doesn't have to be daunting. All you need are the right tools to start making cocktails like your favorite bar! Use this guide to see which cocktails tools I think are essential to building your home bar and taking your next dinner party or nightcap to the next level!

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An Open Letter to the Community From a Bartender

If you care about your local restaurants, order take-out and tip well, but do it while you call your local lawmakers and command that they take care of us. Demand a mask mandate on a state and federal level so that we do not continue to be abused, berated, and humiliated as we are compelled to enforce what is right at the cost of our income. Wear your mask. Hold your loved ones accountable for the way they conduct themselves in public and how they treat workers. Continue reading