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Dehydrated Citrus Wheels

Dehydrated Citrus Wheels
Looking for a way to up your cocktail presentation game without spending a ton of time or money? Dehydrated citrus wheels are one of my favorite garnishes for cocktails because they're cheap to make and they last forever! While I prefer to use a dehydrator, you can also easily create these dried wheels using your oven. Just be sure to completely dehydrate your citrus or else it can mold from moisture.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Community From a Bartender

If you care about your local restaurants, order take-out and tip well, but do it while you call your local lawmakers and command that they take care of us. Demand a mask mandate on a state and federal level so that we do not continue to be abused, berated, and humiliated as we are compelled to enforce what is right at the cost of our income. Wear your mask. Hold your loved ones accountable for the way they conduct themselves in public and how they treat workers. Continue reading