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Watermelon Shrub

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Watermelon Shrub

Shrubs are are fantastic way to provide complexity to your long style cocktails or non-alcoholic drink this summer! Originally termed "drinking vinegars", shrubs date back hundreds of years as a way to preserve the last fruit harvests before autumn, and they can be made from virtually anything. 

Because watermelon can be more delicate than hardier fruits like berries and tomatoes, this shrub is made by combining a watermelon puree syrup with vinegar and allowing them to steep together like a traditional shrub.

Watermelon Shrub

2 Cups Watermelon, cubed (with rinds)

1 Cup Granulated Sugar 

.5 Cup Water 

.5 Cup White Distilled Vinegar 

1 Tsp Lemon Juice (or citric acid powder)


1. In a blender, process watermelon until broken down into a puree. (You may have to add a Tbsp water to help it break down the pieces.) 

2. Add sugar and lemon juice [citric acid] to the puree and blend on high for 1-2 minutes to get your puree as consistent in texture as possible. 

3. Fine strain the puree very well through a fine sieve or cheesecloth to remove any watermelon pulp. 

4. Add water and vinegar to the puree. Stir very well. 

5. Bottle in a sealable container and store refrigerated. Allow vinegar and syrup to steep for a minimum of 3 days before opening. After 3 days-1 week, your shrub is ready to enjoy with spirits, seltzer, or tonic water!

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